The Phenix Group, LLC
Professional Property Management
3364 Winchester Avenue, Martinburg, WV
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Why Do I Need A Property Manager?
In this ever-changing real estate market, hiring a professional property management firm only makes good business sense.  The Phenix Group, LLC is one of the oldest property management agencies in the Eastern Panhandle.  We make it our business to increase the property owner's bottom line.

We know the rental market and advertise properties throughout the area.  All members of our staff hold West Virginia Real Estate sales licenses, making it easier to show homes to prospective tenants.  And, our application process screens those prospective tenants for credit worthiness, criminal background history, and a stable rental historywith former landlords.

We take pride in the relationships we have built with current owners and tenants.  Talk to us about your investment property.  We'll be happy to sit down with you and outline our Full Property Management service.  If you only need help in finding a good tenant, then our Placement service could be the right fit.

Managing your investment property includes everything from advertising the property, finding just the right tenant, and then providing maintenance services for as long as you wish.  We will even see to it that your mortgage and utilities are paid from you rental income!  The Phenix Group works for our owners and treats every property with responsible care.

Call us . . . We look forward to meeting you!
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