The Phenix Group, LLC
Professional Property Management
3364 Winchester Avenue, Martinburg, WV
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Rental Application Form

The Phenix credit application is a two-page form that can be obtained by the following:

  • Email us at to request a copy of the application be emailed directly to you.  You may also use the "Contact Us" page to email us.
  • Call our office at 304-267-0779 to request a copy be mailed to you via US Mail.
  • Make an appointment to come by our office to pick up a copy.  If you plan on filling out the form at our office, be sure to bring all necessary documents with you, as listed on the "Renters" page, as well as the application fee(s).  Additionally, all applicants must sign and date the form prior to processing.

The rental application will not be processed until all information on the application is completed and documents/fees are submitted.



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